• Historic Preservation Multifamily Housing
  • 74 Units
  • Completed - 2015

Horace Bushnell Apartments is a housing complex developed in the early 1920s in an urban streetcar neighborhood. The buildings were designed by five local architectural firms and constructed by one builder. The varying architects’ designs provide stylistic variety to a standard housing type, with consistent setback, scale and spacing of the buildings. At the start of the project, the complex was successfully listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Prior to project commencement, the nine residential buildings had boarded-up windows and doors and were in desperate need of rehabilitation. The scope of work included the complete rehabilitation the buildings, significant site improvements, building envelope restoration, roof, window and door replacement, and new building systems. The interiors were completely reconfigured to reduce unit density and to provide ADA accessibility to all first-floor apartments. As a result, the units are larger and more comfortable than most family sized housing units.

Restored to their original appearance and redeveloped for continued use as affordable and market-rate housing, a use consistent with the historic character of the property, the buildings restore a higher level of occupancy and vitality to the neighborhood.