Can you imagine a city in which every block is as vibrant as the next?
That’s our vision — communities across Connecticut that build on their history to
shape a more promising future.

When each building is a vibrant link to the next, energy builds, commerce blossoms, people gather and, block by block, a sense of place and purpose develop. Against the backdrop of such neighborhoods, people thrive – proud of their surroundings and in tune with the life of the neighborhood.

Established in 1984 by Bill Crosskey, the firm’s body of work is a testament to his commitment to architectural and cultural heritage, and the power of good planning and design to transform communities. Today, with Bill’s daughter Laura at the helm, we are a team of 20 designers paying Bill’s ethos forward with design for community benefit — often by bringing life and purpose to overlooked buildings and neighborhoods and providing new places for people to live.

We work with clients to identify and develop overlooked areas and turn them into active community assets, putting our trademark mix of architectural design, preservation and community planning to work drawing people, commerce and culture together in ways that create rich neighborhood experiences.

While not all Crosskey projects lie in the realm of historic preservation, the scrupulous precision, patience and care such projects require shows up in all our work: design is respectful and contextual; drawings are thorough and meticulous; management is conscientious and responsive. The firm has been recognized with more than 40 awards for design and historic preservation and is active in a variety of organizations devoted to community development, design, green building and cultural preservation.

“Ultimately, Pratt Street, I think, rises or falls to the extent that it is able to draw from and become relevant to the rest of the city, if not the region”

Michael Berne
PresidentMJB Consulting, NYC