• Adaptive Reuse / Supportive Multifamily Housing
  • 30 Residential Units
  • Construction Documents - 2017

The Boiler House project is the second phase to be undertaken in the larger redevelopment plan to rehabilitate the Hartford Rubber Work Buildings in the Parkville neighborhood of Hartford. Phase 1, known as the Tire Storage Building, has been completed. Phase 2 involves the stabilization, environmental abatement, restoration, and adaptive reuse of the Boiler House. The owner, Hands on Hartford, intends to convert the severely-deteriorated building into 30 new apartments with support spaces. The completed Tire Storage Building, now referred to as the Hands on Hartford Community Center, will provide supportive services for the residents living in the building.

The Boiler House project will offer 30 new units of housing and support the priorities, goals, and objectives in three municipal plans for Parkville: Parkville Revitalization Association Plan; Parkville Municipal Development Plan; and Parkville Strategic Plan. The project addresses goals of the Parkville Municipal Development Plan, which focus on encouraging private redevelopment of buildings for a mix of uses on Bartholomew Avenue as they are said to “cast a negative shadow on the City given the visibility from Interstate 84.” The Boiler House Building, branded and commonly referred to the as Spaghetti Warehouse because of the white lettering painted over an olive green band along the roofline, is especially visible from the highway. Year after year, passersby have watched the building deteriorate as trees and small shrubs grow from the roof and vines consume the walls.