Noble Hartford

Location: Hartford, CT | Size: 14,537 SF, 8 units | Status: Complete The new home of Noble in Hartford, CT serves as a node within the micro and macro urban environment. This pedestrian-friendly, three-story, mixed-use building will be made up of eight market-rate residential units, a convenience store, automobile fueling, and grab-and-go style cafe all fluidly connected…

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Multifamily Housing

With design credits of more than 12,000 units of multifamily housing, there is little within the building type that we have not encountered. Our clientele is as diverse as individual projects, including private clients, municipal and public housing authorities, and a wide variety of non-profit organizations. Through our years of experience, we have become specialists in developing aesthetically pleasing, intelligently designed, economical architectural solutions for multifamily housing, including detached, attached, multi-story, or mid rise buildings.