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The Rainbow CANnection

We are pleased to announce the Rainbow CANnection was the recipient of the 2018 AIA CT CANstruction “Best Meal” Award! 

This year, we partnered with one of Classical Magnet School’s stellar art classes to bring our collaborative Rainbow CANnection design to life. The Rainbow CANnection was created during a design charrette with the middle school class. These students dreamed big!  We were inspired by their dreams that push each one of them to: explore, question, and make sense of our world. When discussing hunger, we all agreed that a world of hunger was a nightmare. The rainbow symbolized hope, and was designed as the moment students dreams come to life and awake those from this nightmare of hunger.

We would like to thank everyone who generously contributed to this.  Without you, we would have never been able to raise and donate a total of 1,200 canned food items!   

Green Housing for ALL

Recently, Crosskey Architects received Second Place in the Just Big Enough Green Housing for ALL architectural design competition. This design competition highlighted how we can create very small and affordable, sustainable homes for people who have been priced out of the green housing market. The competition was sponsored by the City of Northampton, co-sponsored by […]

A Vacant Corner

crosskey architects (www.crosskey.com)

Construction is finally underway at the long-vacant building prominently located at the corner of Pearl and Trumbull Streets in the heart of the downtown business district. But whatever happened to that building and why has it been empty for so long? Read more

With Lots Of Love. . .

Dear J.R. Montgomery Company Industrial Complex, I would like to congratulate you on your recent closing! I understand that you will have new owners, Beacon Communities, and will be converted into 160 residential units with modern amenities.

Sushi Time!

We are thrilled to once again join the Chrysalis Center in the fight against hunger by collecting canned goods and raising awareness. Similar to the CANstruction concept, every participant of the 2018 Donation Creation must build something out of the cans which they’ve collected. Once the construction is completed, all of the cans are then donated to the Chrysalis Center’s Freshplace where the food is distributed to those in need.

To begin this process, a handful of our staff locked themselves in the conference room to charrette; a design process where people join together to brainstorm ideas and sketch a variety of designs until one is finally selected. Every Friday is sushi Friday at Crosskey Architects, and we figured what better way to give food than by celebrating our favorite food SUSHI!

We are sincerely appreciative to all who participated. Thank you for your support to make this happen!




2017 Connecticut Preservation Action Annual Conference

Several of the Crosskey team attended Connecticut Preservation Action’s Annual Conference, The Preservation Toolbox: Historic Preservation Tools for Development. The tools were shared with the audience using a five by five presentation format. Five slides in five minutes can be a challenge to create and deliver, but it is an effective way to provide important information and keep the audience engaged. Five minutes is enough time to cover the key points of a topic, which may be complicated and overwhelming, allowing the receiver to connect with the speaker. Many times, the five by five creates a gateway to a more in-depth conversation. All of the five by five presenters are experts on their topics and are eager and willing to help and educate others about the tools/incentives that are available to aid historic preservation activities in Connecticut. The panel discussion on 390 Capitol Avenue, Capitol Lofts, demonstrated the multiple funding layers necessary to complete a successful large-scale preservation project.

Thank you to all the presenters for sharing valuable information and for being accessible as well as to the coordinators for planning the conference.



Connecticut Housing Coalition Conference – Panel Discussion

On September 26th, 2017 Crosskey Architects supported and participated in the Annual Conference of the Connecticut Housing Coalition. Every year affordable housing developers, service providers, advocates and resident leaders come together to discuss challenges and opportunities, educate, share knowledge and celebrate successes stories. William Crosskey, President and CEO, participated on a panel with Betsy Crum, Executive Director of Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development, James LaRosa of LaRosa Building Group, LLC, and Jennifer Landau, Assistant Director, Multifamily, at the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority

Our panel spoke about assembling and managing housing development teams and how to overcome impediments to those models. Check out the presentation below:

Groundbreaking for 65th Infantry Monument

Grand Opening at Talcott Mill