Several of the Crosskey team attended Connecticut Preservation Action’s Annual Conference, The Preservation Toolbox: Historic Preservation Tools for Development. The tools were shared with the audience using a five by five presentation format. Five slides in five minutes can be a challenge to create and deliver, but it is an effective way to provide important information and keep the audience engaged. Five minutes is enough time to cover the key points of a topic, which may be complicated and overwhelming, allowing the receiver to connect with the speaker. Many times, the five by five creates a gateway to a more in-depth conversation. All of the five by five presenters are experts on their topics and are eager and willing to help and educate others about the tools/incentives that are available to aid historic preservation activities in Connecticut. The panel discussion on 390 Capitol Avenue, Capitol Lofts, demonstrated the multiple funding layers necessary to complete a successful large-scale preservation project.

Thank you to all the presenters for sharing valuable information and for being accessible as well as to the coordinators for planning the conference.