The Rainbow CANnection

We are pleased to announce the Rainbow CANnection was the recipient of the 2018 AIA CT CANstruction “Best Meal” Award! 

This year, we partnered with one of Classical Magnet School’s stellar art classes to bring our collaborative Rainbow CANnection design to life. The Rainbow CANnection was created during a design charrette with the middle school class. These students dreamed big!  We were inspired by their dreams that push each one of them to: explore, question, and make sense of our world. When discussing hunger, we all agreed that a world of hunger was a nightmare. The rainbow symbolized hope, and was designed as the moment students dreams come to life and awake those from this nightmare of hunger.

We would like to thank everyone who generously contributed to this.  Without you, we would have never been able to raise and donate a total of 1,200 canned food items!   

AIA CT Emerging Professionals Bowling Event

On Tuesday, February 20th, a select team of Crosskey Bowlers ventured down the harrowing I-91 corridor to participate in the all-Connecticut Olympics themed Bowling Night, presented by the AIA Connecticut’s Emerging Professionals Committee. The athletes found themselves enjoying the networking hour prior to the start of the games, meeting individuals from other Connecticut firms, not just young professionals, but firm principles, product representatives, and other groups from similar professions. After the opening ceremonies, the games commenced and our fearless athletes found themselves next to a skilled team from the Connecticut chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects on one side, and flanked by our Hartford neighbors Tecton Architects, and a team from PES Structural Engineers. The games were tough, but the food and beverages provided by the sponsors were delicious. Everyone bowled spectacularly, but Crosskey’s own Scott Mazzie bowled very well, throwing eight consecutive strikes in his last game!

Truly like the Olympics, this event was not only fun, but a great way to get together with many different groups and people, and network throughout the evening. As the closing ceremonies ended, all went home slightly better bowlers, and with a few more business cards in their pockets. Many thanks to everyone who helped make it possible; all the sponsors, as well as Adrienne Nelson and Arturo Arroyo from the Emerging Professionals Committee, and Pat O’Brien from AIA Connecticut.

Green Housing for ALL

Recently, Crosskey Architects received Second Place in the Just Big Enough Green Housing for ALL architectural design competition. This design competition highlighted how we can create very small and affordable, sustainable homes for people who have been priced out of the green housing market. The competition was sponsored by the City of Northampton, co-sponsored by […]

Sushi Time!

We are thrilled to once again join the Chrysalis Center in the fight against hunger by collecting canned goods and raising awareness. Similar to the CANstruction concept, every participant of the 2018 Donation Creation must build something out of the cans which they’ve collected. Once the construction is completed, all of the cans are then donated to the Chrysalis Center’s Freshplace where the food is distributed to those in need.

To begin this process, a handful of our staff locked themselves in the conference room to charrette; a design process where people join together to brainstorm ideas and sketch a variety of designs until one is finally selected. Every Friday is sushi Friday at Crosskey Architects, and we figured what better way to give food than by celebrating our favorite food SUSHI!

We are sincerely appreciative to all who participated. Thank you for your support to make this happen!




Happy Holidays from Crosskey Architects

Crosskey & Downes Rebuilding Together – New Britain

On Saturday, October 14 2017, a team from Crosskey Architects and talented professionals from Downes Construction paired up to build an accessible ramp for a homeowner through the organization Rebuilding Together New Britain. In one day of coordinated effort, the team worked together and accomplished the construction of a handicapped accessible ramp that would allow the homeowner, Marian L. Macchietto, to exit her front door and navigate the several steps of grade change to her driveway.

It is rare, as architects, that we are able to construct our designs and actually see how they shape the experience of the people who inhabit them. It was a joyous moment when Marian exited her front door in her power wheelchair onto a new platform without any assistance, something she had been unable to do for the past several years. For the Crosskey team, it was a transformative experience as well. Working in the field, we were able to gain a better understanding of how an inch of clearance or a subtle change of slope can impact the accessibility and usability of a space.

By designing a ramp with a stable foundation, an appropriate slope, guardrails, and manageable transitions, we were able to not only build a better-designed, code-compliant solution for the homeowner, but most importantly had the privilege of helping someone regain a piece of her independence in the world.


By: Erin Marceno

The Key in Hartford

Eventually, most of us grow up, find careers and settle down. Not a bad thing. But often, we get caught up in our boxes/circles/lives that we neglect to connect with the passer-by and step outside our comfort zones! Yesterday, folks in our office participated in a challenging adventure in Downtown Hartford, the streets we walk every morning and evening. The challenge was to take a selfie with people we likely encounter every day at a place in the city that was most meaningful to them and meet at McKinnons to see the results!

Can you guess where everyone went?


I feel lucky to be busy and have the work we have. It’s being around long enough, lots of hard work and our reputation.

Hartford Buisness Journal 2013,
William W. Crosskey II

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Crosskey Does Donation Creation

When you wake up in the morning, what drives you? What makes you sit up, stretch, and embrace the day? At Crosskey Architects, why we wake up energized and eager to get to work is quite clear – to inspire others, transform communities, and have some fun doing it.
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CANstruction with Our Piece of the Pie

Donating a total of 2,708 canned goods, together OPP and Crosskey Architects are fighting hunger by creating one big piece of piece of pie. OPP’s logo, a piece of pie, suggests that everyone should have a piece of the pie, a sharing of something. Our can selection was based on color, nutritional value and composition of aesthetics in an attempt to manifest our mission. What better way to send a message about hunger than using the idiom our piece of the pie, and who doesn’t love pie?