Given industry demographics, being a woman in construction tends to draw a lot of attention. We are constantly asked, why construction? Why architecture? Why engineering? It is as if it’s a strange idea for a woman to have an interest in building. But last week at PWC’s event local women in the field gathered together to celebrate women in construction. It was an excellent example of why we are involved in the AEC Industry. Some of us may have stumbled upon it while others have been passionate about their work since a young age. But either way, hearing their stories of their road to the AEC industry and why they continue on this journey was a reminder that anyone can make a career out of it, even if the statistics are against you.

By Michelle Bellucci



Attending the PWC’s Reshaping the Workforce event last week was a great opportunity to come together with other AEC women (and men) in support of one another. It made us aware of the progress and contributions we have made in the industry so far, as well as reminding us not to stop now, to continue to push ourselves and others. Just starting off in the industry, it was inspiring, and humbling at times to hear the experience and wisdom from women who have been the change they wanted to see. I am proud to be part of such a great organization that continually brings together so many women and men from different professions, generations and companies, united in the support of women paving their way in the AEC industry.

By Laura Crosskey



By: Michelle Bellucci, LEED Green Associate and Laura Crosskey, M. Arch