Update: We are halfway!  If you would like to help, please contact our office or CLICK HERE to make a donation.

Donation Creation 2018 has already begun! We are thrilled to once again join the Chrysalis Center in the fight against hunger by collecting canned goods and raising awareness. Similar to the CANstruction concept, every participant of the Donation Creation must build something out of the cans which they’ve collected. Once the construction is completed, all of the cans are then donated to the Chrysalis Center’s Freshplace where the food is distributed to those in need.

To begin this process, a handful of our staff locked themselves in the conference room to ‘charrette’; a design process where people join together to brainstorm ideas and sketch a variety of designs until one is finally selected. We figured what better way to give food than by celebrating our favorite food – SUSHI! At our office – every Friday is Sushi Friday! Our Donation Creation will feature six pieces of delicious looking sushi, a bottle of soy sauce, wasabi, and chop sticks.
A three-dimensional modeling software was used to strategize how to stack the cans in a logical and structurally sound way that somehow also looks like sushi.  After the modeling process was complete, it was determined that in order to construct this sushi shrine, we’ll need a total of 854 cans!