Our designs for medical facilities range from small community clinics and doctors’ offices to medical suites in large metropolitan hospitals, as well as numerous projects for the disabled and elderly. We work with sole practictioners, group practices and hospital facilities’ groups. Our Portfolio of projects includes offices for general physicians, dentists, optometrists, psychiatrists, and independent clinics for family practices.

Medical Design
We strive to create patient-centered healing environments that complement all aspects of health care delivery and the healing process. We are skilled at designing spaces that must be particularly responsive for performance of specific tasks by medical or administrative staff, as well as patient care areas that require particularly warm and comforting environments. By specifying materials, finishes, color palettes, and furnishings that are attractive and durable, we design these environments to stand the test of time. Related health care projects include convalescent homes, housing for the elderly, youth centers with mental health counseling facilities, and special needs housing such as supportive housing, shelters and group homes.

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Green Initiatives
We are committed to sustainable design and all of our projects incorporate green initiatives. Most of our multifamily projects that are new construction are ENERGY STAR Certified and/or LEED Certified. We also have developed a net-zero urban infill prototype as well as rural community neighborhoods with net-zero houses. We have been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2008.