With Crosskey Architects’ design credits of more than 12,000 units of multifamily housing, there is little within the building type that we have not encountered. Our clientele is as diverse as individual projects, including private clients, municipal and public housing authorities, and a wide variety of non-profit organizations. Through our years of experience, we have become specialists in developing aesthetically pleasing, intelligently designed, economical architectural solutions for multifamily housing, including detached, attached, multi-story, or mid-rise buildings. Our new construction projects range in size from modest two, three, and four-unit buildings to large 1,000+ unit complexes in excess of $250 million construction costs.

Housing Types

Although the firm has provided architectural services for many privately financed apartment buildings and condominiums, the majority of our work has focused on the development of a wide variety of community housing types. Affordable housing opportunities have been developed through a range of housing types such as single room occupancy buildings, multifamily apartment complexes, townhouses, and live/work space for artists, as well as both attached and detached limited equity cooperatives.

Over the years, Crosskey Architects has developed a reputation for excellence in the design of housing to meet special needs requirements. Our portfolio has a variety of such projects including housing for the homeless, transitional housing, supportive housing, congregate living facilities, and hospices.

Building and Construction Types

We are experienced with new construction in urban, suburban, and rural locations. New construction has included the design of single and multi-story, elevator equipped buildings up to approximately 125 feet in height. Structural materials have included wood frame, load bearing masonry, concrete, and steel frame construction. We have also been involved with panelized, modular wood construction for two story multifamily buildings.

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Funding Programs

Often the ability to complete a successful project in a timely fashion depends upon the designer’s familiarity and ability to comply with various funding agencies’ policies, procedures, and design
requirements. Crosskey Architects is well served through our portfolio of successful projects for HUD, CHFA/DOH, DECD, DSS, and other agencies.

Green Initiatives

We are committed to sustainable design and all of our projects incorporate green initiatives. Most of our multifamily projects that are new construction are ENERGY STAR Certified and/or LEED Certified. We also have developed a net-zero urban infill prototype as well as rural community neighborhoods with net-zero houses. We have been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2008.