Our Mission

To develop innovative architectural and design solutions by listening and understanding the needs of our clients and communities.

Our Purpose

Everything we do, we do to inspire, to transform communities, to preserve our cultural past, to bring life back to historic buildings, to solve the puzzle, and to see the satisfaction of our clients.

Every Building Needs a Champion

Whether new construction or renovation, every structure needs a champion, specifically, a sustainability champion. Sustainable buildings are often thought of by developers, owners, and architects, as being more expensive than conventional construction.  The standard design approach is, “what can be done with the budget available?” However, once a commitment is made to designing “healthy and…

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Why We Do What We Do

Unlike many in our field, I am not a trained architect or designer, I am a former military officer. I mention this to highlight that good architecture and design can be enjoyed by all, even people who have never thought about it consciously. As I began to pursue my graduate degree in Organizational Leadership, I…

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