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Affordable Housing Matters

Affordable housing is a misunderstood term.  Too many communities and people see affordable housing in the wrong light.  Housing matters – period.

We’re Honored — And We’re Inspired

We’re honored, humbled, grateful, and maybe most importantly – we’re inspired. Over the past two months Crosskey Architects has been presented with five awards by CREW CT – The Real Estate Exchange, the Connecticut Main Street Center, and the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation for our work on multiple projects

Affordable Housing Is Not a Four Letter Word

It’s no secret the state of Connecticut has its work cut out for itself — from getting the state’s fiscal house in order, to retaining both large and small companies as businesses within the state, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. April, however, has been a

Crosskey Does Donation Creation

When you wake up in the morning, what drives you? What makes you sit up, stretch, and embrace the day? At Crosskey Architects, why we wake up energized and eager to get to work is quite clear – to inspire others and transform communities… and have some fun doing it.

Remember That Time at the Brickyard?

Speckles of dust and the smell of stale beer fill the air as our team walks through the now vacant ‘Club Pyur’ and former ‘Brickyard’ of Allyn Street in downtown Hartford. Most people would feel a great sense of discomfort walking into an old, dilapidated building with cobwebs, spalling brick,

“Chris, if you cut me off again I’m going to punch you in the face”

One of the key things we need to do as we attempt to build truly collaborative teams, whether it be internally or with partner organizations, is to actually listen to what is being said. Respect needs to be shown for those around the table or on the phone. We need

The Environment and Economics

St. Francis of Assisi, a medieval Roman Catholic friar, preacher and ecologist, believed in a harmonious relationship between our planet and all the creatures living in it because it was our duty to do so, not because it stimulated economic growth. Fast forward about eight hundred years and we find

Trust + Purpose + True Collaboration = Increased Value

How can we deliver more value to our clients? How can we help to make their vision and dreams become real? These are questions that we all ask ourselves, and personally, these are questions that I ask myself and our team everyday. There must be a different approach, a way

The Preservation Story of an Icon: the Talcott Mill Belfry

The Talcott Brothers’ Mill is undergoing a “certified rehabilitation,” which means that the project is utilizing State and Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits as one of its funding sources. Rehabilitation is defined by the National Park Service as “the process of returning a property to a state of utility, through

ACE: Connecting America’s Future Architects with Mentors Nationwide

Rewind your clock to your teenage years…remember the days where you sat in biology, pre-calculus, or history pondering what you would do for the rest of your adult life? The reality is that much of America’s youth is in those very same shoes. Fortunately, there are extracurricular programs, clubs, and