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We’re here.

Crosskey Architects has relocated to the historic Hartford Connecticut Trust Building at 750 Main Street, Hartford, CT.

We now occupy the nearly 8,000 square foot mezzanine floor of downtown Hartford’s oldest high-rise commercial building, which originally served as space for loan officers of the Hartford Connecticut Trust Company, and most recently as office space for a ProPark subsidiary in the early 2000s.

The move from our 4,000 square foot space of ten years at One Union Place in Hartford was facilitated by recent growth within the firm, which has expanded in staff from 12 to 30 employees since 2014. Conversely, ProPark will take over our former Union Station location.

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“We outgrew our old space. As wonderful as that old space was, we just couldn’t fit in it anymore. We found another fantastic space [at the Hartford Trust Building],” Bill Crosskey, President and CEO, said.

Our leadership team selected the new location, which was built in 1921 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, for its value as a historic structure – and restored it for ourselves the same way we preserve historic buildings for clients.

“We do historic preservation, so this space was perfect because it was an old bank hall,” said Kyle Choleva, Crosskey Architects Designer and Project Lead for the office redesign, “Designing our own space here really fit with what we do, and why we do it; bringing life back to historic buildings.”

We specialize in the restoration and conversion of historic buildings, and have completed the design and rejuvenation of many historic structures in Hartford including the former Hotel America building at 5 Constitution Plaza, old Hartford Bank Building at 777 Main Street, and former Hartford Masonic Hall at 201 Ann Uccello Street, among several others.

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Choleva says he feels Crosskey’s new office is representative not only of the firm and its expansion, but of the work its staff produces.

“I hope this space shows our clients what we can do, and what we’re capable of doing,” said Choleva.

Owner Bill Crosskey hopes the new office will continue to spur growth within the company that will allow the staff to do work that will inspire people and transform communities – especially in Hartford.

“In this space, I hope we are able to grow as a business, both in terms of capabilities and markets.” Crosskey said, “We’ve expanded into healthcare as a market through the help of [Crosskey Principal] Ron [Goodin]. I’d love if we continued to expand into more markets, and different market locations, and continued to find opportunities for our firm to grow and improve our own abilities as architects.”