Chrysalis Center, Inc. created the Chrysalis Center Real Estate Corporation to do more in the community by providing homeless individuals and families with safe, decent, affordable housing. Chrysalis’s mission is to provide supportive services to assist people in need to transform their lives.

The biggest challenge this project had to overcome was the design of the new addition. When utilizing the state historic tax credits, projects must meet the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation, specifically standards 9 and 10, which relate to new additions. New additions must be differentiated from the old and respect the historic character of the building. The addition was designed to respect the massing, size, scale, and architectural features of the original building. Recognizing the importance of outward appearance, the north elevation at Liberty Street and the south elevation at Walnut Street were designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The design team was careful to create a design that did not detract from the historic building. Achieving harmony between old and new design requires thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

The Connecticut Finance Authority, City of Hartford Home Loans Fund, State Historic Tax Credit, TD Charitable Foundation, Connecticut Department of Housing, Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families funded the redevelopment of Liberty Gardens.

The intersection of Garden Street, Walnut Street and Homestead Avenue is a gateway into downtown Hartford, which is why it is important to maintain our existing historic building stock. The rehabilitation of Liberty Gardens will help to revitalize the neighborhood, creating a renewed sense of community pride. More importantly, it will house individual and families in need to help transform lives. The success of this project is shared with the entire development team; Chrysalis Center real Estate Corporation, Crosskey Architects, LLC, Enterprise Buildings, Inc., DeMarco Management Corporation, Mayo Crowe, LLC, Chrysalis Center, Inc., and Housing Enterprises, Inc..


By Nina Caruso, MSHP